Friday, June 19, 2009

Mariusz Kwiecien Brings Some Sexual Energy to King Roger

The Paris Opera is performing Karol Szymanowski's rarely performed opera King Roger (or Le Roi Roger in France). King Roger's lack of performance stems from the fact that the opera is much more interesting musically than it is dramatically. In fact, the music is exquisite. The Paris Opera has created a visually stunning version of the opera and having the Hot Pole run around his briefs boxer shorts would make Pfitzner's Palestrina interesting.

You can watch this performance live on Saturday, June 19th at 11 AM P.S.T at

You can find a synopsis of the opera here:

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  1. I loved it even though the transmission kept cutting out, especially the end. Loved Kwiecien's costume. Jury is still out on Eric Cutler's speedo.

  2. No offense to Kwiecien, but nothing could make 'Palestrina' interesting.