Friday, August 28, 2009

Keith Phares Correction

Keith Phares left the following message in the comments section. Keith, thanks for the clarification and it gives us an excuse to post another picture of you.

Hey guys! ...Keith Phares here. That is, in fact, my college ring (from the University of Richmond... Go Spiders!) on my right hand. If you look closely you can see the fake Tourmaline stone. I know, ...classy. We decided to keep the ring ...with Elmer being a college man and all. My wedding ring was held safely by stage mngmt in my valuables back. ...hope this clears up the confusion. KP

Keith Phares can next be seen at Opera Hamilton performing Gabriel von Eisenstein in Fledermaus (a role where either ring might be completely appropriate).

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1 comment:

  1. Actually, you're wrong. Keith can REALLY next be seen in four performances of Figaro in Barbiere with Washington National Opera. Rumor has it that that's he's jumping in (even though their website wasn't edited yet).