Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The World's Hottest Billy Budd Ever: Simon Keenlyside

Barihunks would like to congratulate Simon Keenlyside who, had it not been for Nathan Gunn, would have run away with the title as the world's "Hottest Billy Budd" ever. Barihunks readers nominated the five candidates, which included the original Billy Budd, Theodore Uppman, who generated a lot of fan mail, but not many votes. Nathan Gunn gave Simon a good run for his money, but in the end he couldn't overcome the British barihunk.

One thing is certain, all the candidates would make for a smoking hot performance of Billy Budd.

Here are two more pictures of Simon Keenlyside from Vienna for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Sadly, Keenlyside's Budd will now exist only in memory, as he's given up the role because of his-and its--age. Same for Pelleas.

  2. And not even a dvd of him... except it was in TV or someone made a bootleg. I'd kill for one, especially for the 2005 ENO version.

  3. Poor Peter Mattei - he does not rate with you guys despite the fact that when he sang Billy Budd it was a sensational performance. I admit those sailor costumes were the worst on record for a Billy Budd performance but Mattei's acting and singing "Look, through the port" is one of the most beautiful, and, thus, "hot" performances ever.

  4. Well I no sooner posted that even Yahoo Group's "OperaShare" seemed to have omitted Keenlyside's Billy Budd than I did a complete search and found the ENO 2005 performance. It's rar'ed so I don't know yet if it's a vid or just the audio. It's only 250MB so I probably just the audio.

    I'm gonna beg and plead on OperaShare for the vid...Someone of our group has to have it.