Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hadleigh Adams gets Hotter and Hotter

Hadleigh Adams just keeps getting hotter and hotter every day. He's quit his modeling career, but still seems to be taking some beautiful pictures. The short hair is the "new look."

Hottie Hadleigh has moved to Melbourne, Australia where he was accepted into the prestigious Opera School after receiving a full scholarship.

In 2009, he'll be singing Papageno, three Messiahs and two performances of the St. John Passion.

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  1. Young enough to be my son, but he's awfully cute. Hopefully, he'll age as gracefully as Nathan Gunn [sigh] and Teddy Tahu Rhodes [sigh, sigh, sigh].

  2. Oh, he's SUCH a babe!!! :D

  3. OMg he's such a babe... like i'd tap that 5 times... ring a ding ding...
    And from New Zealand- he makes me mumble..

  4. Hadleigh comes across as pleased with himself whenever he gives a concert!!! When he places the music before himself, he might get somewhere...

  5. fully concur with previous anonymous comment.... Dreadful portrayal of Jesus in London this summer....