Friday, November 14, 2008

Daniel Okulitch (almost) shirtless as Figaro

Daniel Okulitch is the next Nathan Gunn/Teddy Tahu Rhodes, which is a good thing. Directors are realizing that they have great voices and great bodies and are taking advantage of it.

It's not often that you see a Figaro with his shirt wide open. It adds an element to the opera that one doesn't get in most productions. Kudos to Dallas Opera for this production, which also features barihunk Michael Todd Simpson as Count Almaviva. Now that's a double beef whopper.

Okulitch is staking out firm ground as one of the leading barihunks of our generation, performing nude in The Fly, stripped down to his scivvies in Dead Man Walking and now performing with his shirt wide open in Le Nozze di Figaro. In addition to his pulchitrudinous form, he also is a very gifted singer as one can see from the video (courtesy of

Okulitch will be singing two more barihunk roles in the near future. He returns to his native Canada to sing Escamillo in Carmen with the Vancouver Opera in January 2009 ( Then in May 2009, he appears in Dead Man Walking with the Ft. Worth Opera (

You can search this site for plenty more pictures of Okulitch.

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  1. As things turned out, Mr. Okulitch opened this MARRIAGE completely topless, giving an Italian shower to his armpits at the sink, downstage left (or at least, that's how the sweet memory plays in my head, and I'm not messing with it). The entire production was such magnificent joy, it lingers still in me, sustaining me through drudgery and pain. Wonderful beauty!