Monday, March 30, 2009

Matthew Worth

[Photos from Balance Photography]

Our emerging baritone feature continues with the adorable Matthew Worth. If his repertoire is any guide, he's going to be a regular presence on Barihunks as his list of hunky roles is lengthy: Tarquinius, Aeneas, Billy Budd, Ottone, Don Giovanni and Papageno. He's also made a name for himself singing modern opera, playing the lead in Lowell Liebermann's Miss Lonelyhearts
and the role of the Coachman in Stephen Hartke's The Greater Good at Glimmerglass Opera (see the box to the right).

He recently joined the roster of the Metropolitan Opera and, hopefully, we'll see him on some HDTV broadcasts.

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  1. Wait... Matty Worth is on barihunks? my brain just exploded a little. wow, this is hilarious! Yey, Matt!

  2. As I recall, Matthew made a hunky model!! Go get em tiger!