Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paul LaRosa's Hot Chest and Big Balls

There is nothing that we love more than a barihunk who likes to show off some skin, especially when they look like Paul LaRosa. Here he his showing off his hot chest and big balls. Impressive, eh?

Reports from Castleton tell us that this cast is having a great time and putting on some amazing shows (on and off the stage!).

One has to think that it's not easy getting much attention when you're cast opposite barihunk Matthew Worth's Tarquinius, a role he practically owns. Even Allen Boxer as Collatinus could cause one's eye to wander. However, LaRosa can hold his own with any low-voiced stud singing in opera today.

Apparently, the singing wasn't to bad either. Charles Downey in the Washington Post reports that our barihunks sang as beautifully as they looked, "The incisive baritone and feral libido of Matthew Worth's Tarquinius stood out in the male cast, seconded by the powerfully resonant Junius of Paul LaRosa." "Libido" seemed to be the choice word of the critics as Steve Smith penned this about Worth, "Matthew Worth sang powerfully and prowled the stage with an unquenchable libido."

Finally, Barihunks would like to thank Benjamin Britten for providing us with an abundance of barihunk roles.

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  1. LOL, I love that one of the labels is "balls"

  2. *sigh*. Don't encourage him.

  3. This site not only diminishes the music art form, but also contributes to and perpetuates what is wrong with today's american opera scene. Vergognatevi!