Thursday, April 8, 2010

Barihunks On The Air - David Adam Moore & Randal Turner

One of the great things about most of our barihunks is that they are not only lovely to look at, but there are a number who are highly compelling artists. David Adam Moore and Randal Turner are not only two of the most riveting performers on stage, but they are also amazing singers. You can now hear both of them online in their most recent performances.

Moore has shown his ability to bring great depth to music ranging from the baroque to today's most modern compositions. Great examples of this are his critically acclaimed performances as Aeneas in Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas" and his riveting performance of David T. Little's "Soldier Songs."

[David Adam Moore in Soldier Songs]

Moore just reprised the lead role of Prior Walter in Peter Eötvös' "Angels in America" to great critical acclaim at the Barbican Center in London with the BBC Symphony. The Sunday Times of London raved about the U.K. premiere of the opera. You can haer it on the BBC until April 14th by clicking HERE. Due to "adult language" there is a box that you'll have to click to attest that you're over the age of eighteen. Although the opera contains a lot of recitative, Eötvös has created a condensed and highly effective opera based on Tony Kushner's award-winning play.

[Randal Turner as Don Giovanni]

Randal Turner is known for his warm, mellifluous baritone as well as his ease on stage. Trained as a dancer, he brings great physicality to all of his roles. The early buzz on his Don Giovanni in Detroit is that it's going to be a sexually charged performance. For those who can't make the performance, they will still have the opportunity to hear it broadcast live on April 14th on Detroit's WRCJ 90.9. The internet stream will be available HERE at 7:30 PM EST.

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  1. These guys should be Hollywood leading men or on the cover of GQ. I guess fat women with horns in opera is a thing of the past. I like the new trend.

  2. Checked out both their sites. These guys are good (and hot). Who runs Hunkentenors? Nothing happening over there.

  3. unfortunately good look often doesn't go with talent...

    I've seen so many good looking singers just disappear on a real stage...
    The stage needs talent... of course when a talented artist looks great, ow that's heaven! but the look is not essential for for art of acting...
    Oh sorry, we are talking about opera....they don't act...just pretend they do....

    and people believe...

    I am sorry for those who actually think they even know what they are singing about....

    Again, If I want to look at gorgeous guys, the opera is not the place I will look for it.....
    get real!

  4. listen Anonymous #3,

    you're too radical.
    there are a few good singers and good actors around, and good looking too!

    S.Keenlynside( the oldest but still hot) , P.Szot( the whole package!), E.Schrot( not a good actor but fakes it well...)