Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Hot Is Simon Keenlyside's Hamlet?

Is Simon Keenlyside's "Hamlet" so hot that it set The Met on fire. Read the answer HERE.

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  1. ( it's like: now I am making a face of someone suffering or thinking of something... instead of feeling it for real...) pitiful.

    I started to hate opera because of this; the singers are terrible actors and what's worse they really think they are acting... you can see how bad they are even in the pictures.

    From now on Opera only on CD .
    I will only go to theater to see real actors not fake ones at the opera.

  2. I love Keenlyside's voice, even though I have only heard him on you tube and the Saturday Met broadcasts. He sets my living room on fire every time I listen to him.

  3. Keenlyside is HOT vocally and visually. His interpretation of Hamlet was riveting.