Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Richard Alexandre Rittlemann in finals of Armel Vocal Competition; Highlights overall talent

Richard Alexandre Rittlemann
Richard Alexandre Rittlemann, who was featured in this year's Barihunk's calendar, has advanced to the final round of the Armel Vocal Competition. The competition is unique, as it seeks not just the best voice, but the best all-around performer, placing major emphasis on acting and stage movement. The singers actually have to perform in an opera that is co-produced with an opera house. This year's partner company's include the English Touring Company, Szeged National Theatre in Hungary, Muziektheater Transparent in Belgium, Cluj-Napoca Hungarian Opera and Josef Kajetán Tyl Theater in the Czech Republic. The final judging in on June 5th.

Anyone who watched Rittelmann in the disturbing broadcast of Birdwhistle's Punch and Judy at Neue Oper Wien will know what a complete performer he is.

Richard Alexandre Rittelmann in Punch & Judy
Rittelmann has a busy summer ahead of him. From June 15-20, he takes on three roles in the premiere of Alberto Caruso's Il Piccolo Principe (The Little Prince) in Turin. The opera is set in an airport in a 1950s ghost town 'in a terminal without borders or fixed routes. The piece is built around the concept of ​​carrying suitcase, which becomes a metaphor for what people carry around each day: our dreams and aspirations, our regrets and mistakes, as well as our good intentions.

From July 7-11, he'll appear in a double-bill of Offenbach's one-act, Paris-based operettas Pomme d'Api and M. Choufleuri restera chez lui le... (Mr. Cauliflower will be at home on... ) with the Chamber Opera of Geneva. The pieces will be conducted by Franco Trinca and directed by Jean Pierre Rousseau.

On August 5th, he'll perform Escamillo opposite the Carmen of Sandrine Sutter  at the French Festival Nuits Lyriques de Château Thuerry. The following night he'll perform French arias with accompanist Francois Rene. Additional information is available online.

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