Thursday, June 4, 2015

Take Kasey Yeargain's young artist fitness survey

BariChunk to BariHunk Kasey Yeargain

Kasey Yeargain, a.k.a. The Opera Bro, has created a survey to get an inventory of the fitness options available to young artists while they are at summer programs.  He is taking all of this information and making a free searchable database, so that singers can make plans on how to stay in shape while at these programs.

The results will help inform singers about gym availability, hours of operation, types of fitness programs, as well as the amount of free time you can expect to have at a summer program. You can access the survey HERE.

Kasey tells us that a number of singers list as one of their goals to "be featured on Barihunks." We couldn't be prouder! A healthy voice + a healthy body = a longer career and life.

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