Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Philippe Sly featured in hometown Ottawa paper

Philippe Sly and Lisette Oropesa in SF Opera's Le nozze di Figaro
Philippe Sly, who is one of our favorite young artists in the world, was recently featured in his hometown newspaper, which you can read HERE. Our favorite quote from the article comes from conductor Patrick Summer, who captures Sly's artistry perfectly:
“Philippe has a great and rare gift,” notes Patrick Summer, one of the world’s eminent opera conductors, who is on the podium for the SFO Figaro. “And that is his ability to be a storyteller, to illuminate the text and make the music pulsate off the page. He gives me great hope for the future of opera, which is in a vulnerable position. I can’t wait, in fact I hope I have the privilege and the good fortune, to conduct him in (Figaro) in 10 years, in 20 years, and see what he does.”
Performances run through July 5th and tickets and additional cast information is available online

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