Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prize Winner Alexsander Tsymbalyuk

Aleksander Tsymbalyuk sings Aleko's aria by Raxmaninov

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Aleksander Tsymbalyuk has appeared on this site before and he's unquestionably one of the hottest barihunks to emerge on the scene. In 2006, he won first prize at the 5th annual Elena Obraztsova International Competition of Young Opera Singers in Moscow. Here is a video of his winning performance, singing the gorgeous aria from Aleko by Rachmaninov.

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  1. I'm afraid I've never been a fan of that fluttery kind of vibrato. It always seems a result of poor training.

  2. not a fan of this voice...overproduced...

  3. Hot, but the technique is sub-optimal. Swallowed, pressed, and manufactured. I agree with Countervail that the vibrato is often the result of poor training.

    Pretty to look at though...

  4. I have to agree with the comments here. Hopefully, his work with and opera company will help secure the voice. Luckily, this site focuses on looks and he excels in that department.

  5. This guy won? Yikes, they must of been enamored of his looks because his voice is wobbly and unfocused.

  6. he has neither a bad technique, nor an overproduced voice. The critics form palau de les artes, Valencia, say that he is fantastic, that his timbre and vibrato are excellent. and they are right!

    I have listened to this singer heaps of times (Hamburg), and he is truely excellent!

    the only problem here is the very bad quality of the video, which is the reason for the bad sound!!!