Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dallas Opera's "Baritones & Beachballs"

We've raved about the marketing team at the Dallas Opera in the past and for good reason. They are not only brilliant at marketing their male singers, but their promotions are always some of the most creative in the opera world. Their efforts around marketing the world premiere of Jake Heggie's "Moby-Dick" should be a model for any opera company.

So it was no surprise that their latest effort "Baritones & Beachballs" caught our attention. The company has put together a series of events beginning on July 18th that includes beer and vodka tastings, happy hours, opera lectures and movie screenings. They're also promising a production of Don Giovanni with a triumvirate of barihunks: Paolo Szot as Don Giovanni, Mirco Palazzi as Leporello and Ben Wager as Masetto. Regular readers of this site certainly know that all three singers have appeared on Barihunks before.

Readers may also recall that Paolo Szot canceled his last scheduled performance of Don Giovanni in Detroit. Fortunately for fans of barihunks, Detroit replaced Szot with our "Sexiest Don Giovanni in the World" Randal Turner. If Szot cancels, we hope that Dallas follows the lead of the Michigan Opera Theater and plugs in our favorite Don.

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