Friday, October 25, 2013

David Adam Moore gets devilish for new opera

David Adam Moore in Paradise Reloaded
David Adam Moore, who created a sensation in Peter Eötvös’ version of Angels in America, will make his debut at the Neue Oper Wien playing Lucifer in the world premiere of the composer’s latest work Paradise Reloaded (Lilith).

Paradise Reloaded is based on an adaptation by the young German playwright Albert Ostermaier. Eötvös based his opera on the original story, The Devil’s Tragedy, where Lucifer is the main protagonist. In Paradise Reloaded places the spotlight on Lilith and examines the hypothetical question of what might have happened if our Bible-based culture regarded Adam’s first wife Lilith, not Eve, as the original mother of mankind.

There are four performances running from tonight through November 1st. Click HERE for tickets. It will be reprised in Budapest in January at the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall with Holger Falk as Lucifer. We featured Falk on Barihunks in 2009 after Parterre Box ran a piece on him.

You can enjoy David Adam Moore all year in our new Barihunks Charity Calendar. It's also a great way to support young artists. This year, we're letting readers tell us who should get the money. Post your suggestions on our Facebook timeline or tweet us using #Barihunks2014.

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