Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zachary Gordin and Center Stage Opera win first 2014 Barihunks Charity Calendar grant

Zachary Gordin as he appears in the 2014 Barihunks Charity Calendar
We are proud to announce our first grantee from the proceeds raised to date from the 2014 Barihunks Charity Calendar. The winner is Zachary Gordin and Center Stage Opera. They fit our mission perfectly, as the money will benefit both a young artist and a company promoting the careers of young artists.

Zachary Gordin was considered for the grant after tweeting the following to us using  #Barihunks2014:

Center Stage Opera is a company being built by a talented and motivated team of people, dedicated to producing high quality fully-staged opera productions, and giving a venue to gifted young artists to hone their craft in a professional situation.

Gordin, who started his career as a countertenor, performed his first baritone role with Center Stage Opera in 2005 - Enrico in Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.  He has maintained an artistic association with them ever since. The company will use the Barihunks grant to bring Gordin back for his third master class with young artists.

"After I heard the funds from the calendar would be awarded based on suggestions from Twitter," said Gordin,  "I thought this Master Class would serve the original purpose of the calendar - providing further training to young artists, both performing and in the audience - and would make a great impact on a modest budget."
You can learn more about Center Stage Opera by clicking HERE.

Gordin moved to the top of our list for consideration after adeptly following our suggestion to post nominations on our Facebook timeline or on a Twitter feed using #Barihunks2014. He also went out of his way to promote sales of the calendar, which is important, as the more money we raise, the more we have to give away.

We are just a little short of fully funding his master class, so buy your calendar today by clicking HERE.


  1. I'm sorry. His shoot for the calendar is pornographic. I think it has gone a step over featuring good looking baritones, to featuring stuff like this that wouldn't even be seen in a magazine without a plastic cover. Not something I'm excited about.

  2. Brilliant choice @Barihunks you guys get it right everytime, how gr8 2 c sexy men in opera getting a good showing off. We hope now that Zach is of such high standing he wont forget his promised visit to Melbourne/Sydney in 2014, butt if he does we forgive him

  3. SEXY HUNKS are always welcome IF they can TRUELY cut the mustard in SINGING>>>> If not - send them packing to TV Soap Operas!

    Opera is about SINGING first!!!

  4. I had no idea CSO was into gay porn!

  5. This is literally gay porn. I agree. There's no debate over that. Why is this trained singer doing this? It's literally the worst.