Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gunther Groissboeck as Il Commendatore

I've received a few emails asking me what role Gunther Groissboeck is portraying in the photo from the previous post. He's playing Il Commendatore from the Liceu's production of Don Giovanni with fellow barihunks Simon Keenlyside and Kyle Ketelsen (which previously appeared on this site).

Here is the video of the final scene with the first bare chested Commendatore I've ever seen.

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  1. So it will be a lot better if to the bare chest he will add al little more voice! Never heard a Commendatore sounding so weak...the Don and Leporello have bigger voices than him!
    The director should consider puting him on microphone!

  2. ... dear anonymus, hope you will have soon a weak action and an emergency doctor so far ...greeting to the land of mickey mouse and the holy hoaxes

  3. Thanks Mr.Groissböck!!I will manage it!
    Liebe grüsse

  4. Dear Anonymous of January 10th. I was lucky to be in one of the performances in Barcelona and Groissböck sounded terrific! You should have noticed that this youtube video recording is from an amateur and sounds TERRIBLE (you always hear the awful "crunching" of Leporello's chips bag). So, before saying that he has no voice, go to a performance and listen to him live!! He looks AND sings great!

  5. Well , i heard other basses singing Commendatore also in amateur videos ..and if they had a big voice , they sounded loud in the amateur video too!...and i did not say that he has no voice , i just said that he has not a big voice...and probably should not sing this role who demands a big voice.
    And considering his looks, it is a question of taste! You know "de gustibus non est disputandum"...:))