Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Last 30 Days: Our Three Most Viewed Barihunks

[Photos from top to bottom: Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Chris Herbert and Randal Turner]

I just checked my Google Analytics and FeedBurner stats. It's always fun to see what readers are enjoying and once again Teddy Tahu Rhodes is off the charts. He received 20 times more hits than our next closest barihunk. Also, perennial favorites Erwin Schrott and Nathan Gunn fell out of the top three, which is always a bit of a surprise.

Chris Herbert was the second most viewed barihunk and his photo shows why. Chris is as smart as he is sexy and he's destined to be a great lieder singer a la the other Christopher, the divine Mr. Maltman.

Joining the top three is Randal Turner, who is as sweet as he his cute. I'm glad that readers are viewing his posts. You can enjoy his beautiful singing at http://randalturner.com/.

For anyone reading barihunks who has a blog or website, please add a link to your site. It is greatly appreciated. The #1 site sending visitors to Barihunks is La Cieca's Parterre Box, which should be in your favorites list. View the site at: http://parterre.com/

This site can be contacted at barihunks@gmail.com

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  1. Randall Turner looks like a Hollywood celebrity. I bet he's as hot as Christopher Herbert without his shirt.

  2. Why isn't Greer Grimsley in the top three?