Saturday, January 10, 2009

VOTE for Christopher Herbert and Win Opera Tickets

OK, the Presidential election is over and the good guy won. We all learned about the importance of voting since the Bush-Gore debacle in 2000. We're probably all a little sick of politics after two years of non-stop campaigning, so why not turn to opera.

Now we can vote online for one of our most popular barihunks, Christopher Herbert, who is competing in the "Grand Concours de Chant 2009." The competition is to determine the next great singer of the French baritone repertoire. The competition is a tribute to the magnificent French baritone Gerard Souzay.

If you sign up and vote online you have the chance to win two tickets to the opera house of your choice. You must vote by February 28, 2009 at You also have to vote for three contestants and they've added wonderful sound clips. An international panel of judges will determine the winner, but the tie-breaker will be the public vote.

If Christopher Herbert wins, Barihunks will have to post more pictures. How's that for an incentive?

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  1. He's unquestionably beautiful, but a little tight and throaty in the Ravel... particularly through the passaggio and above.

    Stephen Lancaster, on the other hand, has a sound that's much more free and easy, perfect for chansons. And, in my humble opinion, is just as cute as Herbert.

    Jeffrey Hill gives us a lovely performance of the Duparc... a little more open on the /a/ vowel on top and a little increase in the tempo would make it shimmer, but otherwise it's a beautiful performance.

    There's something about a baritone singing French that just... works.

  2. I was proud to vote for Herbert. He was definitely one of the three best singers and one of the two hottest! Markham for Barihunks!

  3. I was going to vote for him because he's hot, but he can actually sing. Thanks for alerting us to this competition. I had never heard of it before. It asked for my email, but how else can we be supportive?

  4. I agree with The Milkman! Lancaster's voice is gorgeous - and he's quite a looker!

  5. The freedom and expressivity of Lancaster's voice does seem superior to Herbert's. It probably doesn't hurt that Lancaster is also sizzling hot! Good observations, The Milkman and friends.