Monday, January 12, 2009

The Only Onegin as Hot as Hvorostovsky

[Top photo of Onegin at Lyric Opera of Chicago by Dan Rest; bottom photo from Paris Opera from French TV]

I don't know about you, but whenever I see a production of Eugene Onegin with a baritone as hot as Mariusz Kwiecien or Dmitri Hvorostovsky I can't understand at the end why Tatiana doesn't take him back. Take a look at those photos of Mariusz "Hot Pole" Kwiecien and tell me that you wouldn't run out of the palace with him!

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  1. I've seen the Bolshoi production on video. Some very strange happenings but overall I liked it. Kwiecien was wonderful, especially in the last act. The Tatyana was phenomenal. I enjoyed it. I think he was better there than at the performance in Chicago I saw (which I heard later on was an off night).

  2. It's actually the Bolshoi Opera performing at the Bastille and he's a much hotter Onegin than Hvorostovsky.

  3. I give the nod to Hvorostovsky, but only by a (gray) hair.

  4. I love Kwiecien, he is the hottest barihunk! But did you know guys that he is gay?

  5. And what has Mariusz Kwiecien's sexual preference have to do with anything?