Sunday, April 12, 2009

Attila is a Barihunk

[Top two photos of Abdrazakov from the Callao website; Ramey screencap from 1987 RAI broadcast]

The posting of Ildar Abdrazakov generated more mail than usual. It's becoming evident that many Barihunks readers like the big, beefy guys. Three readers chastised the site for never having posted Samuel Ramey, so here he is in two clips singing Attila in his prime. The second clip is the trailer for the current production in Peru with Abrazakov, but they use Ramey's 1991 performance from La Scala. Clearly, he deserved a place on this site.

Another reader directed us to the Peruvian website for the Festival Internacional De Opera Alejandro Granda del' Callao, which has some great stuff on it, including inteviews with Abdrazakov and other singers, video and lots of pictures. You can find it here:

Perhaps my favorite email was the one that read, "Ildar is super hot. More hunks, less twinks. Or rename your site baritwinks."

There will plenty more of both.

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