Monday, April 27, 2009

Daniel Okulitch Naked Again?

[Photo by Ellen Appel; Click to enlarge]
Super sexy Daniel Okulitch is back and to our great delight, showing lots of skin. We're not sure yet if he's as stripped down as he was in The Fly, but he's in a much better opera this time, Jake Heggie's "Dead Man Walking." Of course, he may be in the buff again because the website has the following disclaimer: "Contains nudity and adult situations."

Dead Man Walking, which has become one of the most popular contemporary opera, is being performed by that haven of male pulchritude, the Ft. Worth Opera. Unfortunately, there are only two performances, May 2 and 10. For more information visit

Okulitch joins a long list of barihunks who have sung the lead role of Joseph De Rocher, including John Packard, Mel Ulrich, Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Marcus DeLoach.

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  1. Wake up, turn on the computer, see Dan half naked. Sounds about normal.

    "nudity and adult situations"...also, where Dan is involved, sounds about normal.


  2. Actually, it's his second time doing the role---he did the Canadian premiere in 2006.

  3. He is not nude in the production...he does has a scene where he is in boxer shorts. The nudity is in the Prologue to the opera where the young teenage couple, after skinny dipping in the (offstage) lake, are getting intimate on a blanket and are then raped and murdered by Joseph De Rocher and his brother...this is witnessed, in shadow, by the audience.