Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Calgary Opera highlights barihunk Vasil Garvanliev


Vasil Garvanliev
Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t want to alarm you, but we have some deliciously shocking news from the cast of Silent Night. You might not be aware, but there is famous BARIHUNK amongst our cast! Vasil Garvanliev is known for many notable attributes, he was a child star in his home country, Macedonia, a talented opera baritone and a hunk-tastic image that is easy on the eyes who has attracted the attention of opera fans far and wide since a risqué photo was captured with Opera Atelier in 2012.
Vasil Garvanliev
When first confronted with his Barihunk status, Vasil said he was confused and flattered. “A picture of me during my performance where I was topless all of a sudden was posted online and boom! It went everywhere, I was shocked and flattered.”

We spoke with Vasil about the reactions his fellow cast members have, and true to form, the rehearsal hall mirrors the locker room, with a lot of poking fun.

“People make fun of me, they yell 'Take your shirt off!' It’s just a joke. I’m the young guy on stage with this group of baritones, so that’s my role.”

Vasil Garvanliev
What can Barihunk fans look forward to most about Vasil’s character in Silent Night? “I’m the comic relief that is also going to break your heart in this story.” Vasil said. “This is my third time performing in Calgary. I consider this city home as I studied with Calgary Opera’s Emerging Artist Program here. I always love coming back and performing for the Calgary audience.”

Look for Vasil as a hunky French man in uniform in the upcoming Canadian Premiere of Silent Night. Tickets are available Nov. 8, 12 & 14 by going online at or calling the box office at 403.262.7286

Daniel Okulitch as Lt. Horstmayer
We should also mention that the opera features another popular barihunk, Daniel Okulitch, who portrays Lt. Horstmayer. 

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