Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Hot Attila; Cuban Homero Pérez Miranda

This site receives a lot of requests to post singers in Verdi's Attila and they invariably come from Spanish speaking countries. This request was no different, as a reader in Argentina alerted us to this video of bass-barihunk Homero Pérez Miranda singing the title role at the Avenida Theater in Buenos Aires. We've also added the stunning duet "Avrai tu l'universo, resti l'Italia a me" which he sings with baritone Omar Carrion.

Homero Pérez Miranda studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana in Cuba before completing his studies in Chile. Most of his career has centered around Buenos Aires and Santiago where he has had huge successes in the Verdi roles of Macbeth, Attila and Amonasro. He has recently made highly acclaimed forays into the German repertoire, singing in Salome and Flying Dutchman.

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  1. So wonderful to see that there are so many successful Cuban artists out there making a name for themselves. With artist like this gentleman and others like Eglise Gutierrez, Elizabeth Caballero and Elaine Alvarez and not to mention Cuban composer Jorge Martin, makes me very proud of my fellow country men.
    Bravi Tutti!

  2. I was there and saw one of those performances of Attila at Teatro Avenida. It was an incredible performance with local singers too. That Cuban singer is a great actor too. He also surprised me in Jochanaan/Salome at Teatro Argentino and in the title role of Flying Dutchmann... To be considered anywhere...and, of course, he's really HUNK!

  3. Wow...That duetto is impressive indeed! Congratulations!!!What a good Attila!