Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peter Mattei's "Billy Budd"

A fan of Peter Mattei has posted a 10 minute highlight video of Peter Mattei's "Billy Budd" from Frankfurt in 2007.

[Phillip Ens and Jacques Imbrailo]

For those wishing to see Billy Budd live, there is a much anticipated production opening at Glyndebourne on May 20 and running through June 27. It will star South African barihunk Jacques Imbrailo. The production will feature the operatic debut of director Michael Grandage. It also features the great tenor John Mark Ainsley as Captain Vere and barihunk Phillip Ens' darkly evil Claggart.

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  1. We just started a series on Billy Budd at OperaNow!

    Come one over for a listen


  2. Mattei has to be one of the two or three best singing actors in the world.

  3. Basses would need their own "hunk term". There are so many hotties among them. And barihunk is just not fitting for a man who sings Fafners and Hagens.