Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dmitri, Sondra & Barihunks

(Photo: Pavel Antonov)

The fabulous New York Magazine ran an interview with Dmitri Hvorostovsky and soprano Sondra Radvanovsky complete with a mention and link to Barihunks. Unfortunately, we'll never know how he feels about our moniker for him - the Siberian Hunky - because having a planet named after oneself seems to trump a catchy nickname. Here is the article:

Conversation: Daffy Divas

Sassy soprano Sondra Radvanovsky and smoldering Siberian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky—opera’s best friends forever talk to Rebecca Milzoff.

It helps that they’re not romantically involved. Still, in the ego-inflated opera world, Radvanovsky and Hvorostovsky are remarkably simpatico, and, what’s more, refreshingly down-to-earth. Devotees of both will no doubt storm Carnegie Hall April 1, their final stop of a North American tour.

Continued HERE.

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  1. Before tonight's Washington, D.C. concert with Sondra, Dmitri H. said he was dedicating the concert in memory of the victims of today's Moscow subway terrorist attack. A classy gesture by a man who feels deeply about his homeland and in fact he closed the concert with an a capella rendition of a soulful Russian folksong.

  2. they should get married. she could change her "radvan" to "hvorost" and keep her "ovsky".