Monday, August 30, 2010

CONTEST: Hamlet's Drinking Song

If there is an opera that seems to be experiencing a major revival, it's Ambroise Thomas' "Hamlet,' Of course this is great news for lovers of the baritone voice, as it is an absolute showcase for baritones. Here are five very different renditions spanning 100 years of singing. Use the poll at the right and let us know which is your favorite version. 

Here is Bo Skovhus:

Here is Dmitri Hvorostovsky:

Here is Simon Keenlyside:

Here is Nelson Eddy:

Here is Titta Ruffo:

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  1. I would have voted for Robert Merrill if he had been one of the choices.

  2. All have their strengths, but for sheer, captivating lyrical beauty my vote would go to Nelson Eddy (though I admit I was probably swayed by the unique tenor-like timbre of his voice). I sampled the other renditions by comparing them in parts, yet when I came to Eddy's audio clip I found myself listening to it from beginning to end, without pause.

  3. I'm with henreid (though the others sure are pretty).

  4. I think the speed is a bit fast on the Eddy, but it's the best I've heard him.

    Keenlyside is part of a performance, so it's not fair to judge.

    Best voice to me, Ruffo, but I too miss the great Merrill recording.

  5. Thanks for posting these 5 great singers, but why no French baritones?