Sunday, May 30, 2010

Duncan Rock's Video Diary of Billy Budd

If our email is any indication, then Duncan Rock not only has a lot of fans who find him quite hot, but a lot of colleagues who really love working with him. We started hearing about the hunky singer last year and ran our first post in January when he released his Elgar recording. There are a couple of themes in every email, mainly that he's fun, a great colleague, and "check out that body and those arms."

He is also a gifted singer and you can hear him sing Finzi and Mussorgsky at InstantEncore.

We also received a ton of email about the Billy Budd at Glyndebourne, which generated intense passions. One of the choristers was nice enough to alert us to Duncan Rock's video diary of the production. We've had some issues getting video margins to work, so you can watch it HERE if you have problems.

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  1. He's fat and ginger. So not hot...

  2. When I saw Duncan win a competition last year I was very impressed & described him as a singer with the full package -voice, stage presence, ability to bring each song to life. Clearly, I wasn't the only one!! I hope he continues to develop his musical package and doesn't get sidetracked with being an opera pin-up boy.