Friday, May 14, 2010

Eugene Brancoveanu Triumphs in Carmina Burana; SF Recital Next

Eugene Brancoveanu, who we are certain is one of the next operatic superstars, recently scored a major triumph singing Carl Orff's Carmina Burana in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote:

Outstanding guest vocalists filled the three solo rolls. Eugene Brancoveanu, baritone, displayed amazing versatility in his extensive solos. He exuded a calm earnestness in his "Omnia sol temperat" "The sun warms everything"; his powerful voice exploded vigorously in "Estuans interius" Burning inside. In "Dies, nox et omina" "Day, night and everything", Brancoveanu seamlessly traversed over three octaves as he described the various pains of love.

The former Adler Fellow at the San Francisco Opera now returns to the Bay Area to perform a song recital at the SF Conservatory of Music on Sunday, May 16th. Readers can get two for one tickets by visiting the City Box Office website and entering the promo code EB50.

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